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Hair Loss Treatment Products for Men

Hair Loss Treatment Products for Men

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Over the years, men have been going bald due to hair loss. Hair loss treatment for men is available in various places. The issue of baldness should not worry you too much. Various companies make a lot of profits from selling hair treatment products. Many men have experienced hair loss starting with those that are teenagers as well as the aged. Before you go out to buy hair treatment products, you must find out what the causes are so as to know which products are the best for you.

There are various ways in which you can enhance your hair to grow back. Hair loss treatment for men can be carried out by using drugs. There are various drugs on the market that you can buy in order make your hair grow such as Dutasteride, Ketoconazole and many others. These drugs however come with side effects thus you must be willing to seek medical advice before using them because you might be a allergic to some of the medicines. Another way hair can also grow back on your head is by hair transplantation. You can undergo surgery and hair follicles are implanted in your head. This procedure however is expensive.

Another type of hair loss treatment is hair multiplication. This involves cloning the hair which requires the doctors to re-implant it on your scalp. So far scientists are testing this method of hair growth. However, another type of hair loss treatment for men is taking caffeine. Scientists have shown in case you increase your intake of caffeine, your hair is likely to increase in terms of growth. Thus you can decide to have caffeine on a daily basis in order to make the hair on your head grow. Scientists also recommend the use of genetics that are effective.

A receding hair line is every man’s worst nightmare. As you grow old your hair thins. While this might be frightening, it need not be alarming. A receding hair line does not automatically mean you will lose all your hair. Even though no concrete hair thinning cure has been discovered, there are several safe treatments that can help in reducing a receding hairline.
The first step should be to consult your doctor. Before embarking on any treatment, take time to look at your family tree. Find out if your receding hairline is hereditary or as a result of a thyroid disorder. Hereditary hair loss will be treated differently from a disorder-caused hair loss.

Most doctors will prescribe Finasteride for male patients. It prompts hair re-growth and stops further hair loss. Among its side effects is sexual dysfunction, possibly impotence. It should never be used by women especially pregnant mothers as it is known to cause abnormalities in the sex organs of male babies.

Another drug used is minoxidil. There have been no reports of sexual side effects with this drug; what is more? You can buy it over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. The only down side to it is itchy scalp. Men who use a receding hairline treatment product with minoxidil often complain of flaking and dandruff.

Scalp Med is another very popular receding hair line treatment. It comes with three bottles one of which is minoxidil for re-growth. The other bottle contains amino acids, herbs and nutrients that moisturize the hair and the third bottle contains hair spray that adds sheen and fullness.

Consult your doctor before you embark on any treatment. Once you start using a receding hairline treatment product, do not expect overnight results as hair grows slowly. It may take a couple of months for you to notice changes. Also bear in mind that once you start on a treatment, you will use it forever or risk losing all your hair. Always exercise caution.

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Tips for Hair Thinning in Women

It is becoming very common nowadays for women to experience thinning hair. What causes thinning hair women and what are the solutions? Thinning hair in women is a severely traumatic experience.

Experts say that it is normal for hair to fall out every day. A healthy person loses up to 100 dead hairs every single day giving room for new hair to bloom. As we grow older, the rate of new hair growth falls causing the current hair to thin. In women, this is more pronounced during menopause with a few isolated cases in younger women. Other causes of thinning include child birth, poor diet, hormonal disorders and certain medical procedures. Whatever causes the thinning hair women experience; it leads to low self esteem and makes them very self-conscious about their appearance.

If you wear your hair in tight braids or a bun you are exerting extra pressure on your scalp which often leads to hair loss. Make sure your bun is not too tight. Also make sure to give your hair a breather by changing hair styles, a weave is a fantastic way of changing overnight.

Since the hair follicle is made up of protein, it is very important to take a well balanced diet. Make sure to include meat, eggs, legumes and milk products in your diet as they have sufficient protein deposits. Include vegetables too in your diet as they are rich in minerals particularly iron which is a must have for strong hair. Use natural hair products that contain protein extracts to shampoo, treat and relax your hair. This will strengthen your hair in addition to giving it an enviable body. Protect your hair form excess heat. Do not blow dry your hair too often since this will only serve to make it weaker.

There are many treatments available for the causes of thinning hair women experience. Take time to know why your hair is thinning so that you apply the right treatment for your condition.

If your hair thinning still continues maybe it is time to pay your doctor a visit. He will be able to run tests on your thyroid to rule out any abnormality. Ask him about causes thinning hair women experience and its solutions.

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Helpful Tips on Stopping Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural occurrence. Ordinarily, the normal cycle of hair growth for about 2 to 3 years during which time dead hair falls off giving way to new hair. However, some people may experience above normal hair loss. Various reasons cause this condition. Patients who have recently undergone major medical procedures such as chemotherapy and surgery may lose large amounts of hair. This sort of hair loss can be attributed to the stress of the illness and the effect of the drugs. Hormonal imbalances may also cause excessive hair loss in both men and women. If the thyroid gland is either overactive or underactive, your hair may fall off. Hormonal imbalance is also the main reason why many women who have recently given birth complain of excessive hair loss. In children, fungal infections cause hair loss. There are several ways, both natural and medical, of stopping hair loss. Here are some few tips on how to stop hair loss.

In most cases, hair loss can either be reversed or stopped all together. Before embarking on any chemical hair restoration procedure, visit your physician. If your hair loss is as a result of medication, it is advisable to stop taking it. Your doctor should be able to prescribe a different medicine. Treat all infections to eliminate any chance of hair loss in your children.

Hair loss can stem from your hair style and treatments. Certain types of chemical combinations are so abrasive such that they inflame the hair follicle leaving your scalp scarred. In this case, hair loss may be permanent. Before you embark on styling your hair, ask your hairdresser to assess your hair type so that you can style it in a mild relaxer. Most beauty shops will have professionals handy to give you ways and tips on how to stop hair loss. If you choose to wear cornrows, make sure your hair is not pulled too tight. Shampoo and treat your hair every once in a while using jojoba and egg oils for hat extra sheen. These natural products give your hair body and make it durable.

Take time to know why your hair is falling out. If hair loss continues in huge volumes, consult your doctor for a medical intervention. Hair loss can impact negatively on your emotional well-being. Knowing how to stop hair loss will guarantee your emotional and psychological happiness.

How can you prevent hair loss? You might be experiencing hair loss without knowing it. Let this not worry you because there are various ways this problem can be handled. The first step is to make sure that you look after your hair just like your body. Wash your hair as often as possible and apply hair food or hair oil to it always. Coloring of hair should be done moderately as it can cause the hair roots to weaken. There are various products on the market that can help restore your hair. Go to a hair specialist and seek advice.

Many people go to the salon many times to plait the hair. However over-plaiting weakens the hair and makes it break thus it becomes thin. When someone plaits hair week after week then there is a likelihood of him or her experiencing hair loss. Furthermore, holding hair so tightly can also cause the hair to break. There are many people out there who do not like curls, hence hold their hair tightly. This is not healthy. In some cases, they use very cheap products which are of poor quality and as a result their hair breaks. While spending on other items, invest in your own hair and the question of how to prevent hair loss will be answered.

Diet, adequate rest and reduction of stress are all important factors in preventing hair loss. Proper diet is very important. Adding a bit of calcium to your diet will strengthen your hair roots. Most people do not have enough rest, thus end up having hair loss. Always have enough sleep as a way of making your hair healthy.

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