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Choosing the Best Shampoos for Prevention of Hair Loss

The shampoo market has grown in leaps and bounds, every day is seeing a new product launched and promising to work hair miracles. These shampoos for thinning hair promise to add thickness where hair is missing or perform actions such as deep cleansing all in the endeavor to halt hair loss. It is literally confusing for shoppers more so for those with thinning hair to choose the best shampoo. You are best advised to exercise caution as some of these products are very abrasive and even potentially life threatening.

When shopping for a shampoo for thinning hair check the manufacturer’s label to determine the level and number of the chemicals it contains. Bear in mind that a shampoo plays a complementary role to your hair treatment agents. Choose a shampoo wisely as one wrong move may end up damaging your already weak hair. Here are some shampoos to avoid in your hair restoration quest.

Shampoos that are marketed as adding body to your hair take the first place. Before you buy one, check out its levels of acidity and alkalinity commonly referred to as the pH. A shampoo that has imbalanced pH levels can end up harming your health. Highly alkaline shampoos dry out your hair making it very stiff and brittle and can sometimes remove color from your hair. A shampoo with a good pH balance leaves your scalp smooth and in the long run makes your hair manageable as it will lie easily. Choose a body adding hair shampoo whose pH factor is within the 4.5 to 5.5 range. This is your hair’s pH range.

Deep cleansing shampoos come in second. Deep cleansing shampoos are marketed as the answer to thinning hair. It is important to know that a solution to thinning and hair loss is yet to be discovered. While a product may work well with one person that does not automatically mean that it will be equally successful with you. The different preparations and chemical compositions will determine how you will respond to the shampoo. Take time to know your hair type and in the process the best deep cleansing shampoo.

A shampoo for thinning hair can only complement. It is important to understand that excessive hair loss may be an indicator of an underlying health problem. If your hair continues to thin, consult your doctor.

Hair loss is a very traumatic experience. It often leaves shattered egos and self-consciousness in its wake. Many victims have a hard time getting products that can reverse this trend with little success. Many hair care product manufacturers market shampoos that supposedly stop hair loss and actually promote hair growth. The question therefore remains, what is the best shampoo for hair loss?

While shampoos can help give your hair the sheen and grip, they cannot reverse or stop hair loss. What a good shampoo does is to supplement you in treating hair loss and restoring your scalp to the best condition. Shampoos contain ingredients such as protein that spur hair growth therefore improving your hair’s overall appearance however some chemicals in it might be doing you more harm than good. Before you splash money on that shampoo, read its chemical composition as this will save you your hair and a major heartbreak in the process.

Since there is no such thing as the right shampoo for hair loss, focus on a shampoo that will complement your efforts in treating your scalp and hair. Shampoos contain potentially dangerous man-made chemicals. Although most of these chemicals seem pretty mild, their effects can be far reaching. Research on some of these products has shown that some chemical ingredients carry cancer causing agents. Choose your shampoo wisely. Choose one with the least synthetic chemicals more often the organic type. Organic shampoos are less abrasive on your hair and provide the much needed nourishment for your hair as opposed to the convectional shampoos that come in the way of your hair restoration process.

The best shampoo for hair loss can only complement treatments and nourish the scalp so that new hair can grow well. It is important to understand your shampoo choices since you will be using it regularly. Take your time to read its chemical composition and understand its implication to guarantee a great hair day.

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