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Hair Growth for Women Naturally

The demand for hair growth products is increasing by the day as more and more people are suffering from hair loss. Across the world, scientists and hair specialists are working round the clock in a bid to come up with the best hair growth products.

Hair loss could be a result of stress, illnesses and genetic predisposition. Hormonal imbalance and side effects of certain medical procedures and drugs also play a major role in hair loss. Hair loss differs from person to person. There are some who will lose hair in patches which is known as Alopecia Areata while others will suffer complete balding known as Alopecia Totalis. A few suffer from Alopecia Universalis which is total body hair loss.

There are certain hair growth products that sufferers can use to help deal with hair loss. It is important to know that these are case specific as what works well for one does not mean automatic miracle for the other.

The most widely used hair growth products are multivitamins and are found in pill form. Other products include organic herbal oils, shampoos and creams. While they are readily available, do not go out experimenting on your own as they could turn out to be counter-productive. Consult your hair stylist or doctor to find out the best potion for your hair type.

You can also try cosmetic treatments such as wigs and weaves. Not only does this option give your hair a breather but it also gives it time to rejuvenate and re-grow.

The last option should be hair replacement surgery. The drug minoxidil that was originally used for treating hypertension is used for this purpose as one of its side effects thickens hair in some people. This option comes with its risks and is not effective for everyone as you have to carry on using it or all the new hair falls out. It is best for young people who are experiencing hair loss. Take appropriate caution while choosing your hair growth products. Consult your doctor so as to avoid total hair loss.

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