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How Women Cope With Hair Loss

Who do you think about when you hear the words hair loss? The chances are pretty good that you’ll now have an image of a middle aged man who is starting to recede. Maybe he’s given himself a crew cut to hide the fact that he’s going bald. You probably won’t even consider the idea of women with hair loss.

Yet there are lots of women around who are coping with this exact problem. There are many reasons why women lose their hair, just as there are with men. But somehow it can be even more emotional and worrying for a woman, since we’re not used to seeing a woman without any hair, or with receding or thinning hair.

Of course different women cope in different ways. Some may find it hard to cope with initially, and then they start to come to terms with it. They may find ways of styling their hair so that their thinning locks don’t look quite so obvious. Alternatively women with alopecia – a total loss of hair on the head – will go down one of two routes. They’ll either find a great wig to wear so they can carry on as normal, or they’ll ditch the idea of a wig and embrace their new baldness, no matter how long it lasts.

But even if a woman arrives at one of these two solutions, she’ll have been through a tough time mentally before she gets there. Women with hair loss go through a roller coaster of emotions that can be stressful in itself. Whatever the reason might be for her hair loss, the actual loss itself can be very emotional and hard to deal with.

There are many ways that a woman appreciates her female form. But there is no doubt that her hair will be a big part of who she is. Whatever style she may adopt, whatever color it may be, her hair looks and feels good when it is styled properly. It may even give her confidence.

So just imagine how she would feel – how YOU would feel – if one day she discovered her hair was thinning or starting to fall out. It’s an emotional event that can take some months to come to terms with. Some women never really come to terms with it, although there are support groups and forums online that can make a big difference.

Many women with hair loss do find ways to cope with this affliction. But make no mistake, it is a huge task to do so.

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