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Hair Growth Products

Many people are anxious about which product they can use to make their hair grow. However, though hair growth treatments have their advantages, they also have disadvantages. The purpose for this article is to help you understand the dangers of hair growth products. It is always important to seek medical advice before buying products to make your hair grow; this is because most of the chemicals that are used are very harmful not only to your hair but also to the body. Below are the disadvantages of using hair growth products.

According to research, these products reduce man’s libido in case he uses them. Thus in case these treatments are prescribed; they must be taken in moderate amounts. Furthermore men end up developing erectile problems when they use hair growth products hence must be fully warned about the effects that they cause. In case you are a woman and want to get pregnant, these are not the types of drugs that should be administered as they damage the womb and in the long run you can end up being barren. For others, hair growth treatments can end up causing nausea and as a result one may end up sick.

If you have a sensitive skin, the head can end up being inflamed due to the products that are being used. Some of the chemicals used to make the shampoo as well as the treatment solution are too strong to be applied on the head. Hence you may end up developing a skin rash. Some of these chemicals are made of steroids thus can end up affecting one to the extent of increasing the blood pressure as well as poor vision. Thus some of these drugs induce other parts of the body apart from the head to grow hair, for instance the legs.

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