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Tips for Hair Thinning in Women

It is becoming very common nowadays for women to experience thinning hair. What causes thinning hair women and what are the solutions? Thinning hair in women is a severely traumatic experience.

Experts say that it is normal for hair to fall out every day. A healthy person loses up to 100 dead hairs every single day giving room for new hair to bloom. As we grow older, the rate of new hair growth falls causing the current hair to thin. In women, this is more pronounced during menopause with a few isolated cases in younger women. Other causes of thinning include child birth, poor diet, hormonal disorders and certain medical procedures. Whatever causes the thinning hair women experience; it leads to low self esteem and makes them very self-conscious about their appearance.

If you wear your hair in tight braids or a bun you are exerting extra pressure on your scalp which often leads to hair loss. Make sure your bun is not too tight. Also make sure to give your hair a breather by changing hair styles, a weave is a fantastic way of changing overnight.

Since the hair follicle is made up of protein, it is very important to take a well balanced diet. Make sure to include meat, eggs, legumes and milk products in your diet as they have sufficient protein deposits. Include vegetables too in your diet as they are rich in minerals particularly iron which is a must have for strong hair. Use natural hair products that contain protein extracts to shampoo, treat and relax your hair. This will strengthen your hair in addition to giving it an enviable body. Protect your hair form excess heat. Do not blow dry your hair too often since this will only serve to make it weaker.

There are many treatments available for the causes of thinning hair women experience. Take time to know why your hair is thinning so that you apply the right treatment for your condition.

If your hair thinning still continues maybe it is time to pay your doctor a visit. He will be able to run tests on your thyroid to rule out any abnormality. Ask him about causes thinning hair women experience and its solutions.

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